Premier Providers of Beet Carts and Broadcast Sprayers


H&S began in 1971 by developing row crop equipment for the sugar beet industry in the Red River Valley. In the nearly 50 years since then, product lines continue to expand to meet the ever changing needs of the agricultural industry.  More recently, H&S has been a leader in the manufacturing of beet carts and sprayers.


H&S is a team of farmers, engineers, product specialists, salespeople, welders, machinists, painters, and assemblers, all who take pride in designing and manufacturing equipment with the farmer’s needs in mind. We hang our hat on creating products with superior quality and durability - farm equipment designed and tested by farmers, for farmers. We strive to align product development with trends which the industry demands.  This is what makes H&S “head and shoulders above the rest”.  


H&S is a premier provider of agricultural equipment.  We work to continually upgrade our process and products to be technologically advanced and meet the needs of the future agricultural industry. H&S services customers with timely responses to help our farmers make the best decisions possible and maximize farming efficiency with an optimal H&S product experience.