H&S Manufacturing Products

Beet Cart


 Eliminate trucks in the field and speed up beet harvest, especially during muddy harvest conditions. Available in the 24, 30, & 35 ton cart with the scrub boom in various configurations.  

Broadcast Sprayer


 New boom width of 150ft now available!  Other standard boom widths include 132ft, 120ft, 110ft, or 90ft.

Row Crop Cultivator


Cultivate using a proven toolbar and blades.



Use the H&S Ridger to eliminate wheel tracks, holds moisture, and promote a warmer seed bed for quicker emergence.



Deridge prior to spring planting with an H&S 24 Row with 22in spacing.

Side Dresser


 Side dress row crops for high yield production of crops.



Eliminate damning in low areas of your field to drainage. Baskets for weight or side brackets for tractor weights.  

Trench Filler


Drainage tile leaves large uneven trenches in your fields. Fill trenches with the newly developed H&S trench filler.

Fertilizer Tender Trailer


Handle fertilizer efficiently during planting season.

Grad Roll & Lifter Wheel Repair


Replace worn beet harvester grab rolls needing new spiral and plastic replacement along with worm rims of lifter wheels.

Planter Attachments


Use V-Plow, Ripper, or Guided Wheel attachments on your planter.

Waste Containers


Purchase a rigid H&S dumpster for your waste needs.  Available in standard 1.5yd, 3yd, and 4yd, along with custom rolloff sizes as order requires.

Featured Products: Beet Cart and Broadcast Sprayer


Beet Cart: Available in the 24, 30, and 35 ton cart with various configurations. See detailed photo gallery of the beet cart below. 

Beet Cart Options:

Tires or Tracks

Right-Hand or Left-Hand Unloading Boom

Elevator Boom Width

Water Kit

Belted or Hooked Elevator Chain

Hydraulic or PTO Elevator Driver


Broadcast Sprayer: Available in standard 90ft, 110ft, 120ft, 132ft, and 150ft boom widths.  Additional boom widths available upon request. See detailed photo gallery of the broadcast sprayer below.

Broadcast Sprayer Options:

Boom Width

Tires or Tracks

Tank Size

Wet Boom Section Plumbing Layout

Autoboom Height Control

Electric Over Hydraulic Controls

Rear View Camera

Meter, Regulator, and Wiring for Precision Ag Rate Controller